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Irwin & Fran

Irwin Corey 1914-2017
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"Irwin & Fran" 
Directed by Jordan Stone 
Italy/USA  83 minutes 
"I feel more like I do now, than when I first got here", quotes Professor Irwin Corey who, after starting in show business in 1938, claims to be The World’s Foremost Authority. Married for over seventy years to his chain smoking wife, Fran, he is a famous one hundred year-old stand-up comedian, performer and political satirist. Legendary comedian, political activist and civil rights advocate Dick Gregory shares his thoughts about Irwin and Susan Sarandon, an old family friend narrates in a very personal tone. The film explores an intimacy rarely caught on camera with such a fascinating untypical New York couple. 
Winner of the Best Film Award at The People's Film Festival in New York City.

What people are saying:

"Well done, Jordan! Beautiful!                          

Jonas Mekas, Filmmaker


"This is the World's Foremost Must See Movie. And I say that with some Authority. Courage, compassion and Commitment are packed into its skin, like a kreplach!" 

Maureen Lipman, Actress


"It was a thrilling, funny, touching night at the movies"                                                         GF Newman, Writer


          "If you care about the left, popular culture, and America’s true values, don’t miss this wonderful documentary"                                      Louis Proyect

Cinematography by Gerry Wenner
Edited by Stuart Greenwald
Original Music Soundtrack by Sacha Puttnam
Shot on location in Murray Hill, NY 
and Washington, DC

YouTube Video

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Production Stills
With Dick Gregory in Washington, DC  February 2012
"...John Lennon was a close friend, and it was a prayer book given to Yoko Ono by Gregory, Lennon claimed, that inspired him to write "Imagine".
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The People's Film Festival, NYC
31st May 2013
Irwin turns 100
Susan Sarandon narrates "Irwin & Fran"
Dick Gregory in "Irwin & Fran"
Irwin being Irwin
Vogue Italia April 2012
2nd Woodstock Comedy Festival, NY
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